Style, elegance and Made in Italy … but also technology and high performance

TUE 12 MAY 2015

The competition jacket by Equiline must combine technical and elegance in the most perfect Italian style

A jacket is made not only of fabric, but also with the wisdom of those draws and by the skill of the person who packs! To find the perfect combination of these three basic components, Equiline decided to invest in R&D and in style 100% Made in Italy.

We tailor our jackets with a technical and high quality fabric that is free from any “memory effect”; moreover those products adopted the “Easy Care” system, which allows a comfortable machine washing.

This type of fabric is also highly breathable and water resistant, to guaranteed to the all the riders a “cool and dry” effect, even during competition.

For him there is the competition Jacket Jackie.
For her:  the competition Jacket Annalisa.
Design for the joung riders: the competition Jacket Gastone (boy) available in black or blue; and the competition Jacket Minnie (girl).




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